Transciever + RFID Addressing Problems

I'm looking to use a nrf2401+ transceiver module to transmit the UID of RFID cards to another data logging module which will also issue commands to other parts of the system. Both of these parts work independently but when I share the MOSI/MISO/SCK between the two to connect them both to the arduino uno the transceiver module is no longer able to get an RX Address and the channel and other details change. The RFID still functions perfectly. Both were tested on their libraries individual example codes. Anyone know how I can resolve this? My only thought is to add transistors to act as an electronic switch for each of these 3 connections to separate them so only one module is active on the connections and control which are active by using a digital output on the arduino.


Left = Without RFID
Right = With RFID

In case you cant read the above image...

Unless anyone has any better suggestions for isolating these two modules that may make them function?