Transdermal alcohol monitor with electroshock possible?


My friend is an alcoholic who becomes bizarre and sometimes combative (the opposite of his usual good-natured self) after only half a beer or a few sips of vodka or gin. He often goes months between drinks, but when he does drink it leads to a disastrous blackout episode. Sheer luck has kept him from catastrophe, but it's destroying his life.

I suggested he wear a SCRAM-like transdermal alcohol monitoring device that would deliver a painful but not incapacitating electric shock as soon as it detects the alcohol in his bloodstream--a combination of a SCRAM device ( and the Pavlok shock bracelet ( He loves the idea, but we can't find anything like it. So we'd like to build one.

Is this possible with Arduino, and can anyone provide a few tips to a newbie on how to get started on the project?

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So we'd like to build one.

So, you're going to build it out of what?


If only...

Just curious if new tech like Arduino and Makebot put this in the realm of possibility.