Transducer as levitators

Good morning everybody, lately ive been working on a Project, where the goal is, to build an acoustic levitator. Time forward, ive got my electronics An Arduino Nano, a PmodHB3 as an H-Bridge, a 12 Volt poweradapter, as well as 2 transducer ive picked up. Now all the other parts i need are even 3D- Printed and im ready to go. now, sadly, ive got no idea about electronics, and am just trying to get into it. thats why i dont really know what to code, to work with my transducers, as well as how to operate my h-Bridge.

Im greatful for any kind of help! :relaxed:

If you want somebody to do your work --> $$$
If you want to learn something --> start reading

Unless the transducers are exceptionally powerful, plan on buying some more.

Only two transducers are required, to levitate small objects: The Simplest Possible DIY Ultrasonic Levitator | Hackaday