Transfer data through bluetooth module (need a reply ASAP)

Hello, I'm trying to do two things here. 1) change the value of a variable through the bluetooth module I have which I think is fairly easy. However it gets harder cause I have an accelerometer connected now as well which operates at a different baud rate. Which is making it more confusing especially that we don't get taught C language so I barley know how to use an Arduino. I think the key thing here is to be able to change the variable I want to change on the arduino through the bluetooth module while having the accelerometer program I have running on the arduino at the same time.

2) transfer data of the accelerometer from arduino to computer using the bluetooth module.

The latter one is not really as important as the first one.

So it sounds like both devices run over serial? You arduino probably only has 1 serial port so you may need to use SoftwareSerial

Does “ASAP” mean that you want your question answered before other people who are ahead of you in the queue?