transfer from arduino to flash drive

hey folks i am a newbie to arduino and i absolutely love the thing…
so coming straight dwn to my problem…
the idea is that during power audits one starts taking the readings say during the course of night and needs to store the data somewhere so can it be done by taking it on arduino and transferring it on a flash drive which then can be acssesed later???

Heaps of previous discussion on the forums in regards to this.

Your two easiest options are SD card, and flash drive using the VDIP1 module.

If you do a google search for either of those two you’ll get heaps of info.

Try this link:-

thanks for the replies i did a bit of google search and forum search got the required info…
but i come to nderstand that i need to use my arduino as a modbus rtu slave and the parameters or files i recieve from the master need to be transferred to a USB memory stick
the place where i would aply this would send info to the slave board at 250 bytes in intervls of 1 min.
so can i make this work???

  1. The datalogger talks SPI or serial… so it is not STAMP specific. Can you make it work with arduino? No reason why not… Arduino does serial and SPI. Your choice.

  2. You need to talk MODBUS. Can you make it with Arduino? Well, clearly you found the work done by Juan Pablo Zometa.

I guess there are your answers. It can be done.

The “doing” however, still seems to be very specifically up to you. You know what you need and you know exactly what you want to end up with. The gap between “having nothing” and “being done” is “the tinkering”.

Hi, I’ve only just discovered the mighty power of uC’s and have a yet to receive my ‘Duemilanove’ through the post so this could be an extremely naive question : Would it not be possible for the Arduino to ‘talk’ directly to the flash drive through the FTDI chip and serial.print() commands? Aside from the theoretical/practical difficulties of writing the code, what would be the technical showstoppers? Timing? Speed?

Well the fact that the FTDI converts the microcontroller serial port to a USB virtual serial port might be a bit of a problem…

You need a dedicated chip to translate from microcontroller serial port to USB removable media port. The VDIP1 is an example