Transfer MIDI wirelessly

I have a problem with code. This is my first project with NRF24L01 module. I want to transfer midi data from synthesizer with midi out over NRF24L01 and Nano to another NRF24L01 and Nano. And the second Nano that received data transver to other device. I want to replace cable, that i can go to longer distance without cable.

Thatks a lot for help.

I want to transfer midi data from synthesizer with midi out

What sort of synthesizer has MIDI out? Do you in fact mean a keyboard?

Just look at examples of using the NRF24L01 for sending any data.

As the nano only has one serial port then you will have to use the software serial libiary to read the MIDI output and the hardware serial port, pins 0 & 1 for connection to the radio.

Thanks. A synthesizer is Korg PA800, that's arranger keyboard. I only want to transfer playing keys (as midi keyboard) other stuff dont need them.

Sorry for bad English.

If you have made some attempt to get this going then you should post the code here. Then we can help.

Have you written and tested a program to read the MIDI into the transmitting Arduino? And a program to send it out from the receiving one?

How about simple programs to send any old data over RF, receive it at the other end and just print it to check it's transferring o.k.? Something like the examples from nRF24L01 tutorial or another tutorial or yet another

Once you have those working you're almost there.


A synthesizer is Korg PA800, that’s arranger keyboard.

A Korg PA800 is a keyboard that contains a synthesiser.

This and many other sites describe it as:-

Korg Pa800 61-Key Professional Arranger Keyboard