Transfer of information

Hi im in need of someone who can download a working program (i understand it wont be able to be altered) from a mega 2560 board and upload it to new boards, along with that i will need a way of uploading the information to new boards myself, The company i work for use the boards to control the speed of our automated welding machines, we are based in northern ireland any help would be great, the company understand that there may be costs involved.

Why dont you have the source ?

The MicroElectronika AVRFLASH will allow you to do this.

Cheers Pete.

it all got lost when it was being transferred over from the laptop it was on to the network and the guy who wrote it no longer works for the company

ok well if you happy using the tool chain this will help you

i have 0% experience with arduino / programming in general thats the main prob lol

OK drop me a PM and we can talk money.

Or if you prefer to take this off forum drop me an email to

I am based in France so you can ship me the original unit to retrieve the data from and then I can provide you with a hex file to burn onto new units.

Cheers Pete.