Transfer program from MEGA to DUE

Hi Guys !

I have program.
it woks excellent with mega but in due i have compilation error. error error F@k! error

In compilation is pgmspace lib and RTClib. So We know what it means

I download final RTClib for due and i have nice new list of problems

Already sit on this a few days and i have no ideas what to do,I’m too weak for it so
I send the program, maby some nice one fix this for me.

Thanks (28.6 KB)

I forget


The error I get is:-

miniE.ino:4: fatal error: EEPROM.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

There is no EEPROM in the Due so that whole section needs rewriting to accommodate the lack of this piece of hardware.

IC2 eeprom ?

Sure . It is slower and you will have to write the routines yourself. I don't know if speed is critical here.

bad this new year

EEPROM on SSD ? :)

what do I do with pgmspace?