transfer string value from nodemcu to arduino

i define a String value in my nodemcu like this.

String a = "abc";

now i want to transfer it to arduino throught pin gpio5 to pin 10 arduino.
and i want to read from pin 10 and print it.

how can i do this?
should i convert String a to a int value in nodemcu and then analogWrite it to pin gpio 5 then analogRead it from pin 10?

i just want to show a word that come from server from app to nodemcu and transfer it from nodemcu to arduino then i want to show it in lcd 16*2 that connected to arduino.

I would set up a serial connection between the two. Google "Uno nodemcu serial" to see how.

i did it but it didnot work. can u show me a simple example that u did it and it worked?

Post the code that you tried. Post a schematic of the connections. Describe what the code actually does and how that differs from what you want.

For starters you might put something like Serial.println(a); in your code and see if it appears in the serial monitor.