Transfer time from LCD1 to LCD2 using nrf

Here my LCD1 is connected with RTC and I2C. and showing time and date. but I want to transfer same data from LCD1 to LCD2 through nRF24L01. please, anyone solves my problem?

please, anyone solves my problem?

This forum is for helping people solve their own problems. Since you didn't show us your code, that can't happen.

You will not likely be able to read what is displayed on one LCD. You will need to know, some other way, what was sent to the LCD. Sending that data to another Arduino, using radios, is trivial. Displaying that data, on the other Arduino, on an LCD is trivial.

What problems are you having with the code you couldn't be bothered posting?

Here is a good tutorial on getting the RF24 radios working.

lcd1 is show time and date but I want to display same time and date on lcd2 using nRf24L01 without RTC. here my transmitter and receiver code is attached.

LCD_RTC_I2C_3SW_TX.ino (6.74 KB)

LCD_RTC_NRF_RX.ino (1.48 KB)

I succeed in my program.