Transfering from UNO to NANO


I currently have a project that uses a SD card (sdfat) and a Display (Digole SPI) working perfectly on the Arduino UNO, using the same pin-outs swapping everything over to a Arduino NANO, the display doesn’t seem to want to work, i’ve uploaded the example of fgets to the arduino and it reads the SD card fine with no problems, but for the LCD i have the screen start up text showing (pre-programmed) but not showing the info that it should be showing from the arduino.

Just wondering if theres any pin changes or code that i would need to alter, i’ve tried removing the LED on pin 13, but still no avail.

Any help would be great,

The SPI pins on the Arduino Nano should be just the same as on the Arduino UNO: 11, 12, and 13. They both use the ATmega328P processor. There is no good reason why the same sketch with the same pin connections won't work on both.

Very likely a wiring problem.

What are you powering with, USB?

I've gone through the wiring again and everything seems correct which is really throwing me.

Powered by USB on both arduinos.


Any idea's from anyone, i've checked the wiring and still nothing yet.

photo of your wiring.

I do not like that D13 is wrapped to the opposite side. (pet peeve)

since both the UNO and NANO use the same processor, the 328, (right?) not the ATmega168
then you should be apples to apples.

if you are using the exact same program, then you pull ups in software and such should be identical.

comes down to two things. bad wiring or bad board.