Transferring multiple pin outputs from one board to another via BLE

Hi all,

New to this forum and this is first post. I'm trying to send data from 14 I/O pins on one board (Arduino UNO or NANO, most likely) via BLE (HC-05) to a second board with an HC-05. The data sent from one board's pins should correspond to the second board's pins when received (e.g., output data from pin 1 on the first board is sent and registered as input data at pin 1 on the second board). It's like creating a wireless serial cable, if that makes sense, and should function as if a 14-cable serial cable was physically connected between the boards.

Do you have a schema how you connect all the hardware ?

Q: Are those 14 inputs?

Good question! I plan to connect the HC-05 to pins 0 and 1 for serial comms, while Digital pins 2 through 13 and Analog pins 0 and 1 (for a total of 14) will be connected to individual wires (which will be connected to a card reader on one board and an actual card with 14 pin pads on the second board). The analog pins will be changed to digital read mode and I plan to change every I/O pin to be both input and output for send/receive functionality. Just not sure how the BLE modules will interpret the data form all 14 pins at once.

A HC-05 module is regular Bluetooth, not BLE.

Have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data.


My bad...I'm used to writing BLE instead of just BT. Thanks for the link; I hadn't seen that thread but will read through it vigorously and thoroughly!

At the expense of a little more processing you could transfer 14 bits of digital data in 2 bytes with 2 bits to spare. Even if you add a start and ends marker that requires just 4 bytes rather than perhaps 16