transfert audio with Arduino NANO

Hello every one,

I have a project wich i used Arduino nano to transfer audio from a "board STM32 with microphones" to PC.
my questions:
1---Can i use serial port for this transfert. i'm not sure because the frequency of audio is 44Khz and the speed of serial port i think is 11500 bps = 1.4375 Khz.
2---Some one of you have a code can be used for this transfert

Thanks in advance

It's probably not fast enough, plus you'd have to write an application for the computer.

Why can't you use a soundcard?

The actual data rate depends the sample rate, bit depth, and number of channels.

You can't send the data in real time, but if you store the sound in a buffer then you can transfer the sound slowly after that. The STM32 while not actually being an Arduino does have a lot more RAM, you have 64K which should be enough for about a second's worth of audio.

Why are you using a nano, why not just connect the STM32 direct to the PC?