transform MPU6050 data into sound

Hi guys, I’m really new here and I’d like your help. I’ve built a seismograph with an MPU6050 connected to an Arduino Uno. What I’m trying to do now is to convert the output of the accelerometer into audible sound. I really don’t know where to start, should I need just a DAC converter or do I need something else? Thanks a lot

It might be good to get the scale figured out first.

Lets say the code creates an angle from the mpu info.

Let's say the angle is from 0 to 180 degrees.

What frequency will you be assigning to 0 degrees tilt angle? What frequency will the 180 degrees tilt get?

If you assign 0 hertz for 0 degrees and 180 hertz for 180 degrees than your scale would be 1:1.

You could then use PWM to generate a sound to angle production.

Seismographs seem to be very slow devices. From what I have seen in documentaries they draw wave patterns on paper in real-time. An electronic seismograph should still get signals that are too low of a frequency to hear in real-time.

If you collect the data you could increase the speed at which the data is played back and therefore create frequencies that are in the audible spectrum of the human ear. This has been done before with all kinds of slow signals. Is that what you would like to do?

You would need a storage device e.g. SD card for the data because Arduinos do not have enough RAM to store enough audio data.

I would suggest to make a seisomograph signal audible you should use it to frequency-modulate
an audio tone, like metal detectors do.

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