transformer question

ok im a little confused,

im looking at a transformer 4.5v + 4.5v 6va 666ma max current.

now im going to arrange the windings in series for a 5v regulator, my question is what max current can i expect im thinking only 333ma, am i right in thinking 666ma is the two windings in parralel only
thank you

Each winding is 0.67A 4.5V (3VA), both together are 6VA. VA = volts times amps by definition (but doesn't specify a phase-relationship so is not the same as power).

In series the windings will give about 11V after the bridge rectifier (12.5V less two diodes), and rather more at no-load (transformer secondary voltages are quoted at full rated current).

Transformer rating is 6va Output voltage of series connected windings is 9 volts. Permitted output current is VA/V = 6/9 = 0.666mA which is the stipulated current rating.

so i can expect 666ma from the two the two 4.5v windings (they are marked up as 3kv each) in series? thank you

Surely they are marked as 3VA not 3kv

yes sorry 3va