Hello, I'm Muh Rifai from Electrical Engineering of Sebelas Maret University In here, I like to ask : How to solve TRANSISTOR OCL Amplifier Short or Konsleting? Thanks.

You'll have to explain this a bit better.

No amplifier likes a short.

Perhaps a fuse?


Yes, call them "vertically challenged" instead.

Yes, i think like a fuse

You want to design short circuit protection for an OCL (output capacitor-less) amplifier ?

Here is an example which uses some fuses:

But, I guess you'd be better off with here: unless this problem has also some relevance to Arduino.

Edit: For an “OCL type” amplifier, I’ve just noticed that the example quoted above has a remarkably large output capacitor! It does have some fuses though.

Its good to protect the power input to the amplifier with fuses, and the speaker output with a fuse.

The speaker output can also be protected with a relay driven by a DC-offset detection circuit, which is more likely to prevent speaker damage than just a fuse. A detection circuit could, amongst other possibilities, use a microcontroller to manage protection and switch-on delay (prevent thumps at turn on).