transistor biasing

Hello, i am trying to learn more about transistors, I have used NPN transistors in numerous projects but there are some things i don't understand about PNP.
In an Npn circuit, the collector is hooked up to the positive voltage and the emitter is hooked to ground. Current flows (conventionally) from the positive Base through the emitter to ground, when enough current flows it opens up the channel from the Collector to the emitter to allow a larger current to flow.
In a PNP, is the collector always hooked up to ground and the emitter to positive voltage?
Im pretty sure that it works the opposite of an NPN, where the current flows(conventionally) from a "positive source" through the base to ground. But is "that" positive source always the emitter in a PNP transistor?

The circuits for pnp and npn transistors are exactly the same, except that the power supply polarity is swapped and consequently the current flows are reversed. And as long as a npn emitter is the most negative pin, a pnp emitter is the most positive pin.