Transistor Naming Nomenclature : Meaning of the "C27" in the "BC547B" Transistor

Hi. A small query if anyone knows the meaning of the “C27” on the BC547B C27" printed on the transistors included in the Adruino Uno Starter Kit. I have googled around, and cannot find anything directly on point, but I get the feeling it refers to a “case number” perhaps. I was also wondering if there is any way to tell the manufacturer of this BC547B transistor? Thank you for any responses. Data sheets for the BC547B transistor abound on the web (Fairchild, Motorola) but none of them seem to refer to the C27. I know its a minor issue, but its piqued my interest!
Thanks for any responses.

when all else fails, read the data sheet.

Hi and welcome.

This usually is an indication of production plant and date. See datasheet in above post.

It has very little to do with technical specifications. Usually there is some logo indicating the brand, can't see it here.