transistor works but i am unable to amplify

So I am trying to make a basic circuit where an arduino pin controls a transistor, and that transistor is used to turn things on and off. I wired it up like so, and it works great -

However, the real goal is to use the transistor to pull in external power, like a 9v battery or power from a wall adaptor. I pull the arduino 5v to LED wire, replace it with +9v to LED, and connect my 9v ground to the circuit ground -

No dice! I realize the 9v may blow the LED but I was trying earlier with my relay, and again with multimeter leads plugged right in. What am I doing wrong?

I am trying to follow this circuit here, only replacing the DC motor, and skipping the diode + cap (also I tried with the diode in place earlier, removed it to simplify/debug) -

Thanks for looking! I am lost.

See image below:



(hangs head)

Thank you so much.