Translate into Arduino?

It’s extension is bsp.

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There is a GPS library for Arduino and if it differs it would be how the data is retrieved and parsed. Take a look here:



I have tried using the code from the parallax page but it does not work.

Right now I am sitting outside in NY 1,300 feet above sea level, and can not get it to print anything to the screen. The module says that it is connected via the steady red light. But nothing shows on the serial monitor.

That is why I would love it if someone could "translate" if you will the page I provided in the link. Parallax themselves have sent that to me telling me that that is the "code" they use.

As per parallax code; it appears that the baud rate is 4800 bps and it outputs a standard NMEA output string.

Are you sure you have it connected properly? What board are you using?

Your stating it is connected as per red LED; that may indicate that the GPS unit is locked on to satellites.

Duelmilanove - 328. Yes it is connected correctly. Black to ground, Red to 5v, yellow to Rx.

Yes, that is correct I believe, the steady on red light means it is connected to satellites aka "fixed".

EDIT: Yes, also the baud rate is 4800. It can be altered, but only with the connection of the Tx line.

Alright.. I was able to get data but only to my computer.

Cleared the Arduino (void setup(){} void loop(){}) Connected Ground, 5V. But the Tx connected to Arduino's Tx.

Wait for it to connect and boom you get GPS data.

So I suppose it's quite obvious it's my code.

Try the software serial library, if you connect a device to ex or tx then it is linked with the serial connection to the computer as well as the arduino, this could be an issue during programming.