Translating data into something we can analyze

So my team and I are working on getting the Sainsmart MQ131 Ozone Gas sensor to work with our Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino. We found this code (which is extensive and covers more sensors than we are working with obviously):

That code works, but when the sensor outputs to the data logger it just gives a one number value and we have no idea what that number means. If anyone can help us unravel that mystery, we would be very appreciative.

Did you study the datasheet of the sensor? Did it give any clue?

I see nothing in the linked code which writes to an SD card. Forget about that gitHub monster and use the forum search box at the top right of the forum web page.

Type in "MQ 131 ozone" and you will get links to several good threads for review. Learn how to precondition, calibrate and read the sensor. You are basically doing an analog read over a resister divider. Writing the output values to the SD card is straightforward and will follow the SD library examples.

Simplify. Learn how to read the sensor and get reliable data. When you are comfortable with that, write the data to the SD card.