Translating math equation into code

I am having a bit of trouble with inserting this math equation into code that runs my aquarium's temperature clock.
Here is the equation:

y = -2.889464633·10-16 x7 + 1.281707352·10-12 x6 - 2.403703125·10-9 x5 + 2.469756623·10-6 x4 - 1.500907849·10-3 x3 + 5.393125117·10-1 x2 - 105.9879341 x + 8790.689453

(note this is the exact regression equation. I round the decimals to the 3 decimal points in my code)

This is the code I used (V is the voltage read by the themistor) :

T = (-2.889 * pow(10, -16)) * pow(V, 7) + ( 1.282 * pow(10, -12)) * pow(V, 6) - ...

When I compile and run, the data I get is severely truncated. Is there a better way to write this polynomial?

Your help is very much appreciated.

Best bet is to start with the links below.

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You never need to express the powers of ten mantissa this way:

-2.889 * pow(10, -16))

when you are expressing


C wants you to say:


Also, don’t use expressions like pow(V,7). Instead use the Horner form to evaluate a polynomial (look it up). It is much faster and more accurate.

Example y=ax3+bx2+cx+d is written

y = d + (c + (b + a*x)*x)*x;

the data I get is severely truncated.

How can you tell? Are you just looking at it with Serial.print(), which by default only prints 2 places past the decimal point?

I wont attempt to address your math problem its beyond me but if you want to serial print to greater decimal places use

Serial.print(myvalue, 4);

This will print to 4 decimal places