Transmit a signal over a wire far away.

I need to transmit a signal from an arduino board to a LED strip that is 100m away at a speed of Mbps. How can I do that? The LED strip would be similar to this one: Thanks in advance.

RS485 or ethernet ?

And how can I use ethernet or RS485 if my arduino does not have any port for them?

RS-485 only needs a serial port and a transceiver, you have the serial port and can buy a transceiver shield.

Ethernet only needs an SPI port and a WS5100 (or similar) interface chip, you have the SPI port and can buy an Ethernet shield with the interface chip.

Personally I would go for RS-485, I think it will be easier to set up as it's just simple async serial comms.


Graynomad: Personally I would go for RS-485, I think it will be easier to set up as it's just simple async serial comms.

Absolutely. Ethernet would be overkill here.

tuket: And how can I use ethernet or RS485 if my arduino does not have any port for them?

Usually I'm the last to throw out the "google it" response, but really... :-) You're going to have to put some effort into this... Searching for "arduino rs485" yielded a post on this forum as link #1, and SparkFun's shield as link #2.

Open air wireless is an option too... there's some transmitters around - nrf come to mind.

Thanks for the replies. I need to stress in he fact that I must use only one arduino board and that I need to change from low to high in 0.7 us, do you really think that the speed of the rs-485 is enough to transmit to that speed when the other end is at 100m? I have read that "a 50 meter cable should not signal faster than 2 Mbit/s". It is true that I could use another arduino board to receive the signal and to control the led strip but that would increase the cost.

The Pololu LED strip uses signals with 2.5 microsecond bit time, which is 400 kilobits/sec You could always just try with 100 m of cable and see if it works.

RS485: The RS-485/RS-422 standard covers line lengths up to 4000 feet.

The driver slew rates of the MAX481, MAX485, MAX490, MAX491, and MAX1487 are not limited, allowing them to transmit up to 2.5Mbps.

Pololu looks like it is using this chip
Uses different length highs & lows to make 0s and 1s, then low for a certain time period is used to indicate “no more data, update the output”.
Passing that along via RS484 transmitter to RS485 recevier would work fine.

WS2811-preliminary.pdf (320 KB)


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How do you transmit 15W wirelessly? You beaming microwave energy around the house or something?

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But why are they tested only to 1GHz? My preferred applications involve transmissions between about 3x1014 and 9x1014 Hz.

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Thanks for the answers!