Transmit Analog Values btw XBees

I’m a newbe in arduino and electronic at all. but i got the goal to transfer the data from a Lilypad Accelerometer via a xbee series 2 (xb34-b) to the arduino (which i use with the xbee shield and other xbee module).
i struggled a bit over this api thing. do i really need the coordinator api’s for my project with 2 modules?
Anyway, first and foremost i want to trace the accelerometer values to the serial monitor. I thought the xbee-arduino api would allow me accessing these values () easily.
As descibred in the tutorial () I configured one with the coordinator api and the other with the end device api. I couldn’t use the commnand mode after switching to api function sets so I setted the NI, ID, AP=2, D0-D2 to 2 and IR to 1F4 as described (i couldn’t change ch in x-ctu?!).
I put the coordinator on my xbee-shield and uploaded the Series2_IOSample () but nothing happend in the serial monitor.
What do i wrong?

I would be very happy for any. I’m already sitting days on that.

i use two xbee24-b. - the xbee-arduino api is following: - the configuration for the xbees is this: - and this is the not working example (

thanks in advance