Transmit Data from Arduino to PC

Hi guys, I need a help for my project. I'm trying to build a arduino based digital stethoscope and it has to be wireless. I'm using MAX4466 and thinking to use ESP8266 for wifi communication. However, I cannot figure out how to use ESP8266 for transmitting sound data, that have taken from MAX4466, to PC. What can I do about it? Since, I'm pretty unfamiliar those kind of electronics topics, your suggestions are very important for me, thanks in advance.

how do you acquire "sound data" and how do you represent it? Once it's in your Arduino it's just bytes... so any tutorial on sending a payload from A to B (USB, Serial, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, other radio...) will apply.

Posting a schematic and your code would help. Please include links to the technical information on all the hardware items.

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