transmit sensor data over wifi.

I have an esp 8266ex wifi module and I also have a robot that is running on an arduino uno. What i want to do is to get the sensor data from the arduino via the wifi module and to my computer over the LAN.
Additionally I would also like to use the data on a Processing program.
So what is the best way to approach this issue?
I seem to have this exact wifi module: WiFi Module - ESP8266 (4MB Flash) - WRL-17146 - SparkFun Electronics



I have used the ESP8266, but only through the AT command set. But I know there is a command to set it up as an internet client. In that mode, it can send data to a server as designated by a url or IP address. So I assume on your computer end, you could set up a server with a specific internet address, and then the data you send would arrive at the computer.

You could program the ESP using the Arduino IDE and the Arduino core With the core comes example code for setting up a WIFI server. Use a software serial library (don't forget the level shifting on the Uno TX pin) to set up communication between the ESP and Uno. Send data from the Uno, periodically, to the server's page. I think that Processing has an example for making a client. I have a weather station set up as described. A standalone 328 reads the weather sensors and every minute sends data to the ESP. I just use a browser to check the weather station page, though.

Google. Set ESP8266 as Wifi Webserver. There will be code in examples when you download the cores for the board in Arduino IDE.

There are some sites on Internet that give info to how to work with the ESP8266 module and transfer data to your computer. Key words search "robot arduino ESP8266" will give your many good sites.

Personnaly I made 2 projects using ESP8266 that transfer data collected by Arduino UNO to some Visual Basic programs that display data and plot graphic of those vs time.

One important think to know about this small module is that you must ensure to supply it with enough current at 3.3volts. I found it work OK if you use the +5V of the Arduino through (2 Silicone diodes) but the transmission distance is not very good compaire if you feed it with an independent supply source with at least 500 ma.

You have to know the IP address of your ESP8266 and the port address that you will use with your computer.