Transmit (Tx) light won't turn off

Hey all,

I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I've been working with this yun all year and was uploading an updated sketch over Ethernet and the sketch stopped loading. i saw this once about a month ago where then it would not accept another upload over Ethernet. so i took my laptop to the yun, plugged in to the USB to load the sketch again but nothing would allow the sketch to load. finally i looked at the yun and noticed that the tx light was on and would not turn off.

my trouble shooting so far:

-i reset the yun, for each of the 2 reset buttons (not the wifi reset because the wifi is not used) i pressed each, held down each, held down each with the power plugged in and unplugged. no change and most of the time the tx light is still on even when the reset is pressed.
-the yun does not show up as a port in the Arduino ide software over Ethernet or usb
-i can't SSH or winSCP into the yun
-the linux side of the yun must still be working because a cron task completes each morning and notifies me over the Internet

it seems like others have had similar issues with the uno and bad firmware but i I haven't seen anyone with this problem on the yun. see post 34

any ideas?

Happy New Year!