Transmitting audible signals using ultrasonic waves

I want to transmit audible signals using ultrasonic waves to make them inaudible.

Above link contain example project. I wanted to develop the exact same transmitter (Only the transmitter part). I'm new to Arduino so can anyone help me with it, I understand the circuit part but source code is confusing.
Thank you in advance.

What’s the question ?
That linked project mentions 90% of what you need...

Thanks for replying.
Main hurdle is that I don't understand the code part.
According to my understanding Arduino code consists of 2 functions 1)Setup 2)Loop
I am not able to find anything like that. Maybe, some other programming platform is used here.

As far as I can see its not written to work in the arduino ide environment, and consists of several .c and .h files.

I'd suggest you start with something much simpler that IS written for Arduino, such as

In the GitHub source folder, look in the .c files...
Everything you need is in there, but the example uses a main() function, which you’ll need to massage into a ‘standard’ Arduino C++ style.

It’s odd, because the code is touted as being for Arduino, but in fact is more like standard C than the Arduino INO style of structure.

As a beginner, you’ll probably need a mentor to push you over the line.
I’d suggest moving this topic across to the Gigs & Collaborations category, or finding a ‘buddy’.

Thanks a lot,
It looks interesting However, I want the sound to be decrypted (Demodulated) by mobile phone microphone. I wanted to launch different tone voices (using google TTS) to overcome Speech dependency in Voice Controlled Systems.
More concisely I'm working on Dolphin and Surfing attack on VCRs.

Exactly no direct code is available.
I will consider your suggestion
I hope I find one soon

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