Transmitting Data over APRS using Trackuino

Hello everyone,

I am building a device, that transmits data over the APRS protocol, and implements the trackuino firmware. I have the HX-1 transmitter wired correctly, and after typing a dummy APRS string, I use my Baofeng UV-5R to pick up the audio signal being sent.

The issue is, it only plays a 2 second audio wave(at set intervals, which is what my mentor says that an APRS signal should sound like), and I am unable to decode any data, so I cannot tell if my APRS string is actually being transmitted. As, all I can see is the debugged string on the Serial monitor.

The mini-project I am working on, is really just to setup the HX-1, and successfully transmit a message through the audio signal. After this works, I'll begin to add other components to the UNO, for sensing other data. For instance, I have a temp/humidity sensor working, and want to send it's info through my APRS message.

What I am using,

  • slightly modified Trackuino firmware
  • Arduino UNO Rev3
  • Radiometrix HX-1
  • SMAKN DHT22 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

I am not using a GPS, as I do not want to send location, only data. The firmware states it can only properly debug information through a GPS's TX pin to UNO's RX pin, so I've also been trying to find a workaround.

For a bit of schematics:

I am using pins 4-7 on the HX-1:
4: Enable (Connected to 5v)
5: VCC (Connected to DPIN 4) (I have it defined as the PTT Pin)
6: GND (connected to GND)
7: TXD (Connected to DPIN 3 and 1[4.7K pull-up R], 1 [4.7K pull-down R], and 1[47K R])
Above connections follow the trackuino specs, and this tutorial.

Thank you, and any help is much appreciated.