Transmitting data over long ranges

I'm not exactly sure whether this is the right place to ask this but I figured it's probably the best place to ask.

I'm thinking about transmitting data over quite long distances with an Arduino. I remembered seeing Linus Tech Tip's video on the 25 Km WiFi video where Ethernet was used. Therefore I thought whether an Ethernet Shield V2 could be used (the dish Linus used was an Ubiquiti Powerbeam AC if that helps) to transmit data. I'm assuming it's either very hard to pull off this way or it is entirely impossible. Thank you for anything in advance.

Could you specify the project a little better please!

e.g. How much data, how often etc

Sorry, I wasn't sure exactly what to put but I think about 3 strings, each 50 characters long per day sounds about right

I would use a GPRS unit and just text it!

You don’t even need the data channels of GPRS, a simple cellular voice/text modem would suffice (cheaper cell plan).

How long, and will there always be clear line of sight?

I'm not exactly sure on the distance but I estimate around 10-25 Km as a test and yes, there will always be a clear line of sight

LoRa radios would work fine under those circumstances. The data rate is low, though.

The current record for LoRa is something like 800 km (high altitude balloon).

Ah alright, thank you!

EDIT: Is there any way to further extend it's range? Asking out of curiosity

Maximum range is obtained by using the maximum transmit power legal in your country, and (very important) the appropriate antennas on either end.

But wait until you actually have a range problem, before worrying about solving it. It may hard to maintain the required clear line of sight.

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This is a radio bridge for extending tcp/ip networks.
If there is already an internet connection at the site of both the transmitter part and the receiver part then an Ethernet shield could work (maybe with a special router configuration on the receiver side). Even easier if there is a Wlan.

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LoRa will certainly cover the distance if there is line of sight and with a high data rate too, see the link below;

LoRa is not Slow !

"Back in history, 2015, I launched a high altitude balloon that I had remote control of with LoRa . I could send commands to the balloon and it would respond with test packets using a given set of LoRa parameters. In one test I had a data rate of 13700bps working at over 100km."

13700 bps is slow to me, but of course that value judgement depends on the application.

Well give the application of the OP was;

"I think about 3 strings, each 50 characters long per day"

Even slow LoRa would be OK at 150 characters a day.

Three 50 character strings per day would be perfect for, and effortlessly implemented with the Arduino-compatible RockBlock Iridium satellite modem.

Range is limited to anywhere on Earth, with a clear view of the sky.

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