Transmitting data to smart phone from very long distances

I am building a small project at the moment and need help about transmitting data.
I am a bit stuck on what to use to transmit the data and then receive it on a app on my smart phone.
When I mean long distances I am talking 100km.

I would very much appreciate your help.

100km = 62+ miles.

Use a land line & modem.

Collect the data and send an e-mail.

So will that require the Ethernet shield for the landline

That's another way too, do it over the internet. I was thinking telephone line.

Telephone line? What's that :slight_smile:

Iridium sat link in absence of any other connectivity, you can move data from any point on the earth to any other using Iridium you just have to need the data badly and you will pay a lot for it.

You can't get that far point-to-point with any low-power radio system. It strikes me that at the transmit side you are going to have to send the data to an internet server, then at the receive side you will access the data on the server.

For the transmit side, you may have internet access and maybe you can find a free-cost cloud server. If not, maybe an the Android tablet can give you cel phone access to the internet.

On the receive side, you may be able to access the internet server from your smart phone. If it is an android device you may be able to cobble together a pretty app to make the process less painful.

I don't know of an off-the-shelf solution that does this, so you may need to do quite some programming.

The car GPSs (like TomTom magilan, Garmin) in now days can get maps updated. Or constantly at some point view traffic current flow.
How they do that?
I wander do they send some information back to the server? What kinda information that would be?
I mean at some point it uses the internet that's for sure at least as a begin part... like it cumming from
but what is connectivity at end point the GPS device itself?

I don't think it's using internet delivery at last. Otherwise it would have to have some kinda sim cards and payable services to using LTE towers...
So the data streems directly from GPSs satellites or maybe from data satellites and GPS it's different grope? Ah?

On the smart phone it's the "" internet delivery"" to the end point Alication would be the easiest..

I believe that a car's GPS gets its updates via WiFi or it could possibly do it through your smartphone.

I can say this definitively that the map updates do not come over the GPS satellites not enough signal strength and you may not have a bag of money that is big enough.

I can say this definitively that the map updates do not come over the GPS satellites

Every GPS I've seen that can accept map updates while still in the car has a SD slot. The maps are read from the SD card when one is inserted.

My GPSs just need to be connected to a computer.