Transmitting images over bluetooth


I'll get right to the point. I need to do a project with an Arduino mini camera and transmit the picture to another Arduino over Bluetooth with an HC05 module where it can save the picture. I've got a little experience with sending basic integers over Bluetooth, but nothing like a huge data set like an image, where I need to recompile it at the end. Truly, I don't know where to start. Has anyone done anything like this and can provide any input?

Thank you so much!

The Arduino has about 2000 bytes of memory. Good luck!

The Arduino has about 2000 bytes of memory. Good luck!

Are you saying that because of the transmission or the saving?

He is saying that you need to store the image in SRAM in the form of bytes. Unless you are sending a very small image the Uno does not have enough memory to accomplish what you want.

The answer is no.

Try a Rasberry Pi

What if I use an Arduino Mega with 8K bytes?

Assuming a color image:

3 bytes per pixel (RGB) x 100pixels tall x 100 pixels wide = 30000 bytes.

if you are doing black and white images (no greyscale) it works out to about 1600 bytes... which might be possible...

Slap an SD slot on there with some duct tape or get a Pi.