Transmitting IR commands through RF

Hey guys, I'm waiting for my arduino mega, ethernet shield and relay board to arrive soon, but in the mean time I'm writing down all my ideas... Here's a quick one for you, maybe someone can lead me to the right direction.

What I want to achieve is to scrape all IR commands from my A/C remote control, add a RF receiver to my A/C and make the arduino send the commands via RF to the A/C. I want both RF and IR controls to be available, but with this, I will be able to have full control of my A/C via the Arduino web interface...How I know, all A/C commands are some kind of mixed commands, so if I'm switching from 28c heating, to 30c, it basically sends a series of commands like HEAT, 30. I want the same thing to be done with RF as well...

The reason I'm trying to achieve this is to have full control of my A/C even if the arduino board is located in my server room. It's about 3 meters from my A/C, but since there's a wall between them, the IR won't function...

ps. as I'm active on some programming and im forums and I know how most people react to posts like this. I don't need anyone to do it instead of me, i just need a few ideas and some friendly suggestions if it's possible :)

thanks for your time and thanks in advance, Zerovic

The VirtualWire library is a useful starting point.

the good thing is that you gave me a starting point and didn't say it's impossible :) thanks! I will step into this and see what and how things works! regards, Zerovic

There are devices available to relay IR via RF (search via google).

Any A/C IR signals I have seen, send the whole config in a relatively long sequence every time a key is pressed. (I havent see simple commands like Heat 30, yet)

You can use rf tx/rx pairs @ 433Mhz which are quite cheap; you can also go premium and use zigbee/xBee devices. At that distance a bluetooth tx/rx pair would also work.

Remember it might just be easier to use RF (or an existing wire) to send the signal thru the wall & then re-transmit the IR. This saves messing with the AC unit and possible warranty/maintenance issues not to mention higer voltages/isolation. If you can manage a wire thru the wall then all you need to do is put an IR LED on the end of the wire and drive it from the source location.

Again, there are devices such as IR repeaters that will do this also.

Thanks a lot! This really helps… also, I have found two videos on youtube now talking about something like what I’m looking forward to achieve. For now, the guy released a complete code to read all the IR codes from a remote control…Btw, you are right, I know the commands are complicated and mixed, but what I meant to say is, one complex command which includes everything.

Just tested it, so when I hide and set the remote control to: HEATING, 29celsius, fan speed high and swing mode on, and point the remote control to the AC and press temp up, so the full command is sent to the AC, which is now HEATING, 30celsius, fan speed high and swing mode on, the AC turns on and starts heating to 30 on high speed and the swing mode on.

Went to the other room again, set the remote to COOL, 17celsius, fan speed low and swing mode off, came back, pointed the remote to the AC and pressed temp down, so the whole command of COOL, 16celsius, fan speed low and swing mode off was sent to the AC.

This is a good news to me, as I want it to work exactly like this!

Also, this guy also released another video where he talks about sending the IR commands back to the device and the next one will be the same thing, but via RF. can’t wait to see that :wink:

Thanks again for your help guys, I really appreciate it!