Transmitting long IR signal to air conditioner

Hi guys. I’ve been trying to reverse engineer my AC remote control and I’ve made significant progress but I’m stuck at the transmitting back to the AC itself. I suspect I have to extend the IRemote library but I have no clue how at this point.

So my AC is Panasonic. I’ve read that they have really long commands so I’ve found that the IRemote library doesn’t work for me for even reading the commands. After I used the sketch for reading the long commands I managed to get the entire RAW input.

With the help of this post I managed to understand where the actual command is and I’ve written a simple HTML/Javascript page that accepts the raw buffer and visualizes the command as a RAW table, as binary and in hex format.

So here lies my problem. The post author extracted the following hex command for his AC:
4004 0100 0809
Mine looks more like this:
4004 0720 0082 2C01 8500 0060 0600 0001 0060 11

The way he handled the situation is by writing a custom function (as described here), accepting an additional hex code… my problem is that I would need like 5 or 6 additional codes and I have no idea how I should approach that. I am a programmer but I have little to no experience in C and I have trouble extending Arduino libraries.

Any help and/or advices? If it would be of any help I would share all of my files and data.

Edit: AC Remote model is A75C3755