Transmitting signal from arduino


i'm working on a project of some kind of "wireless" stopwatch and im wondering how could i send a signal from arduino board to computer with router. Is there any transmitter or anything, i have heard about xbee...?

Thank you!

Hi Andrej8,

I am doing the same thing although having some issues. I'm using a 433mhz transmitter and receiver. My goal is to have all of my arduino's transmit to a pi and log the data. See my post below.


thank you for reply and i see what you mean, at first i want to do it with 433Mhz transmitter and receiver too but let me tell you what i want to do:

I have two push buttons one of which is not connected on arduino board but his pulse of 0,5V is transmitted through on arduino board which is hidden in button #2. So the arduino board process the signal and sends it now i have a problem which is how can i send it, is it possible with wifi shield and then be received with router?

i think i need an ip address for router and i have to send this ip somehow... im little low on knowledge now.. :D