transmitting temperature over 433mhz wireless

Im looking to make a wood burner temperature monitoring setup. I haven't dabbled in the wireless side of arduino so im looking for some help, tips, assistance. I have 1 arduino uno with a rfm69hcw and a MAX31865 with a pt100 RTD to measure the wood stove and transmit the temp. I will then have another uno with a rfm69hcw and a rgb led. blue cold, green good, and red your about to burn your house down. My goal is to keep it simple but so far its kicking my donkey.

I'm able to get the wirelss to talk to each other and i'm able to read the temperature but im hung up with making the two mesh and output the temperature to the wireless. Ive come to realize that what should work in my head never does in arduino IE:

char radiopacket[20] = "woodburner temp (F = 32.0 + 1.8 * C)     ";

This is my current code so far, im able to read the temp and see that its transmitting but im not sure how to make it transmit what I want.

#include <Adafruit_MAX31865.h>

// LoRa 9x_TX
// -*- mode: C++ -*-
// Example sketch showing how to create a simple messaging client (transmitter)
// with the RH_RF95 class. RH_RF95 class does not provide for addressing or
// reliability, so you should only use RH_RF95 if you do not need the higher
// level messaging abilities.
// It is designed to work with the other example LoRa9x_RX

#include <SPI.h>
#include <RH_RF95.h>

#define RFM95_CS 10
#define RFM95_RST 9
#define RFM95_INT 2

// Change to 434.0 or other frequency, must match RX's freq!
#define RF95_FREQ 433.0

// Singleton instance of the radio driver
RH_RF95 rf95(RFM95_CS, RFM95_INT);

// Use software SPI: CS, DI, DO, CLK
Adafruit_MAX31865 max = Adafruit_MAX31865(3, 5, 4, 6);
// use hardware SPI, just pass in the CS pin
//Adafruit_MAX31865 max = Adafruit_MAX31865(10);

// The value of the Rref resistor. Use 430.0 for PT100 and 4300.0 for PT1000
#define RREF      430.0
// The 'nominal' 0-degrees-C resistance of the sensor
// 100.0 for PT100, 1000.0 for PT1000

void setup()

  Serial.println("Adafruit MAX31865 PT100 Sensor Test!");


  pinMode(RFM95_RST, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(RFM95_RST, HIGH);

  while (!Serial);

  Serial.println("Arduino LoRa TX Test!");

  // manual reset
  digitalWrite(RFM95_RST, LOW);
  digitalWrite(RFM95_RST, HIGH);

  while (!rf95.init()) {
    Serial.println("LoRa radio init failed");
    while (1);
  Serial.println("LoRa radio init OK!");

  // Defaults after init are 434.0MHz, modulation GFSK_Rb250Fd250, +13dbM
  if (!rf95.setFrequency(RF95_FREQ)) {
    Serial.println("setFrequency failed");
    while (1);
  Serial.print("Set Freq to: "); Serial.println(RF95_FREQ);
  // Defaults after init are 434.0MHz, 13dBm, Bw = 125 kHz, Cr = 4/5, Sf = 128chips/symbol, CRC on

  // The default transmitter power is 13dBm, using PA_BOOST.
  // If you are using RFM95/96/97/98 modules which uses the PA_BOOST transmitter pin, then
  // you can set transmitter powers from 5 to 23 dBm:
  rf95.setTxPower(23, false);

int16_t packetnum = 0;  // packet counter, we increment per

void loop()
  //Serial.println("Sending to rf95_server");
  // Send a message to rf95_server
  char radiopacket[20] = "WOOD BURNER TEMP HERE      ";
  //itoa(packetnum++, radiopacket+13, 10);
  Serial.print("Sending "); Serial.println(radiopacket);
  radiopacket[19] = 0;
  //Serial.println("Sending..."); delay(10);
  rf95.send((uint8_t *)radiopacket, 20);

  //Serial.println("Waiting for packet to complete..."); delay(10);
  // Now wait for a reply
  uint8_t buf[RH_RF95_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN];
  uint8_t len = sizeof(buf);

  //Serial.println("Waiting for reply..."); delay(10);
  if (rf95.waitAvailableTimeout(1000))
    // Should be a reply message for us now   
    if (rf95.recv(buf, &len))
      Serial.print("Got reply: ");
      //Serial.print("RSSI: ");
      //Serial.println(rf95.lastRssi(), DEC);   
      Serial.println("Receive failed");
    Serial.println("No reply, is there a listener around?");

    uint16_t rtd = max.readRTD();
  int C = (max.temperature(RNOMINAL, RREF));
  int F = (32.0 + 1.8 * C);
  //int C = (max.temperature(RNOMINAL, RREF))
  //Serial.println("C = "); Serial.println(max.temperature(RNOMINAL, RREF));
  Serial.print("Woodburner temp = ");
  Serial.println(F = 32.0 + 1.8 * C);     


here is how its all hooked up

any and all help is appreciated. Im migrating my posts over here to get better specialized help with the wireless side of life.

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