Transmitting USB keycode without reformatting


My question relies on the proper transmitting of USB keycode through the use of HID/keyboard

I've seen topics like Transmitting non standard keys
Where a table is given where you need to add a 'magic' number so your correct value gets mumbled and is fixed before sending it (inside ??? file).

Is there a way to just properly transmit them?
If I want to transmit 0x46 for PRNTSCR I don't want to have the need to convert it into 0x6A in order for it to work.
An option was for me to add a client side modification to add a Keyboard.raw(Code) , though I find this behaviour strange.

If somebody could give me info on why that is since it isn't clear to me reading the source of keyboard.h or HID.h
Where does this magic number come from and why isn't is they way it 'should' be?

does this help Keyboard Key Code Values?

these are not ASCII codes which would account depend on whether the shift key is pressed.

I don't think if my question isn't clear or not.
I have the HEX values for 'all' if not most USB keycodes.
( )
It is that I can't send them without needing to convert them.
It's illogical, that I can't just use them.

Well using a search engine (not this forums one)
I came up with exactly the post + the solution I was thinking of...

Consider this post closed.

  • Wanted to thank /u/johnwasser for the excellent explanation!

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