Transporter panel (I'm in over my head)

I've messed with adruino nano's and got led strips running, also hooked up a potentiometer to make leds light up at a pull of a lever. So here's my isssue. I am building a star trek transporter room in my basement. Now I bought a soft pot membrane potentiometer. I need it to control a Digital Dimmer Module AC Dimmer. and also light up leds as i push up on it..and maybe play the transporter sound. I'm a linux admin, but a noob at adruino's. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I added a picture of the room. This will be for the lights on the bottom to fade bright, then dim again.


You have not provided technical details of the parts you propose using - links to datasheets, please.

You have not posted the program you have been trying or told us exactly what happens when you try it and what you want it tod that is different.