Traxxas DC motor controller help

I have recently purchased a Traxxas DC brushless motor and ESC. Here is the link of the motor:

I also purchased a transmitter and receiver to work with the equipment, receiver link below:

I was hoping to take the receiver out of the loop and replace it with an Arduino. Hooking it up to an oscilloscope, it appears that the receiver is giving a 325mV or so signal. I am able to copy the on/off time with an Arduino, but it is outputting at a much higher voltage (it is exactly 10x the voltage, around 3.3V).

How do I step down this signal from 3.3V to .33 volt so that the ESC will respond? I have been looking into step down DC-DC converters, but the closest output voltage I have been able to find is 0.8V.

There is a calibration process for the ESC. Maybe that can be calibrated to respond to the higher voltage input, but I have tried the process and that is not working, either.

Can anybody help?

325mV signal? Somethings really wrong there, ESCs take 5V PWM. Use the Servo library on the Arduino.

I've tested it multiple times, it is definitely 325mV that is coming out of the receiver to the ESC...

Do you have a screen shot from the 'scope?

Have you checked nothing is pulling the signal low?

The green signal is coming from the Arduino and the yellow signal is coming from the receiver. The amplitude of the wave is 10X the size coming out of the Arduino.