Is the arduino Tre ever coming out????

I don't see the benefit over just connecting an AVR board to an SBC like Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone.

But hey, it says coming soon!

I think it's said that for the last 4 years.

I prefer Raspian on a Pi Zero. I just updated the OS on one and ... well, actually I was disappointed to see that the AVR toolchain was not updated, but it seems as solid as ever. I never got the idea that the Beaglebone was reliable. For 5$ the Pi is amazing, and I have never seen it crash. It runs Samba and the toolchains perfectly, I am not really doing anything with it, just edit the files over a Samba share and then compile and bootload remotely over SSH. Well, I guess I push and pull from Github also.

It is almost Pi (3.14) day and I have no clue what will happen, suspense.

I am specialized with the Atmega32u4 of Arduino and I love CPU programming (if it was Intel, it would be better, but better than nothing ^^)
So thanks for the news :stuck_out_tongue: