Trellis Soundboard Programming Help

Hi Everyone!

First post here...

We train working dogs here in Canada, and are currently training a mobility assistance dog for a client who has a speech disability. We started looking for a way to allow him to audibly communicate with his dog, and found this Portable Trellis Soundboard project from Adafruit (Overview | Portable Trellis Sound Board | Adafruit Learning System).

Our theory is to program a different audible command (i.e.; "Sit", "Down", "Retrieve", "Open", etc.) for each of the 16 buttons on the soundboard. Each command recording is in .wav format with a "basic trigger".

I've assembled the soundboard, and have been able to upload code from Arduino to the soundboard that allows me to change the LED light functions on the keypad - but I can't seem to wrap my head around the coding to make the buttons play the audio tracks.

The tracks are T01.wav, T02.wav, T03.wav and so on (up to T16.wav).

I have tried to upload the code provided by Adafruit (Software | Portable Trellis Sound Board | Adafruit Learning System) to the soundboard after altering only the audio file names accordingly to what is saved to the soundboard, but I still don't get an audio response when I push the buttons on the soundboard.

I have checked the wires and soldering - everything looks good - so it appears to be a coding issue. I have zero experience with coding...... Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Post the code you want to help with.
Make sure it's in code tag like this:

//Your code here
char PadToTrack[numKeys][12] = {"T00RAND0WAV",

Are all of your file names 8 characters long, all uppercase, with the three-letter extension being “WAV”? If not, try that:

char PadToTrack[numKeys][12] = {