tri stating a 74hc165 for SPI?

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According to the 74hc165 shift register data sheet it can't be directly connected to an SPI bus. I know you can connect a resistor on the output of the 74hc165 or by using a buffer chip like a 74HC125

What other ways are there?

I was think perhaps to use a opto-coupler, but I'm not sure if an opto-coupler goes into high-Z when not active, i.e. no input?

HC125 is sufficient.

Are you connecting anything else to MISO?

[Are you connecting anything else to MISO?](http://Are you connecting anything else to MISO?)

a clock and perhaps other modules.

[HC125 is sufficient.](http://HC125 is sufficient.)

Gonna have to order some.

another Q:

A HIGH on the 74hc165 output is basically Vcc and a LOW is a direct connection to Ground? So if you just connect the 165 directly to an SPI bus any other module on the bus trying to transmit will create a short circuit?

If you connect the '165 output direct to MISO, yes, it's output will prevent other signals from transmitting correctly when it's output is sitting Hi or Lo. Not a direct short tho, but whatever its output transistors are capable of.