TRIAC dimmer with different codes

hi i m here new but i have made alot of arduino lovli projects with the help of open source now there is something i m stuck with i downloaded a code of triac dimmer from instructable website that is so fit but when i uploaded it on bread board hardware it flashes led for a second and never again then i took another code of website bristolwatch that is also so good but that is also not working then i found a site and took it from there so lovli and good thing is it is working but only led of moc3020 not the bulb i attached my circuitry is correct i checked with alternate conditions it is correct but not working i want to ask why the code of instructable is not working even for the moc3020 series led as i thought it is correct the same hardware is working for the thiird website code please help me i m looking forward to any help this is my passion please
i m uploading codes i do not own any codeā€¦ hardware diagram is same for all

please reply someome i m really in need thank u

the stupid site ever i saw stupid questioned have been answered by alot but for the real question no one is there to anser

It might help if you posted your schematic and code. Without that, there is no help to be given. There are so very many things that can go wrong with a triac dimmer.