Trial to use FHT Library with several analog inputs

Hallo everyone!

To begin with, I'm pretty new to programming, especially with Arduino. So this is more than possible, than there is a lots of things about which I didn't think.

My problem is as following:

For a project, I try to build myself a cheaper version of an Impedance tube, using the 4 microphones Method.
I fully use "Arduino friendly" Materials. The microphones I use are the ones from Adafruit, MAX4466.

For the code, I was largely inspired by Yavilevich blog : Here/

While Yavilevich use just one Microphone, I was wondering if it was possible to use the FHT Library with several input (4 in my case)? And if yes, how can I, for example, succesively use the fht_input[] Command?

It's clear that I'm not confortable with how the FHT_input works, and I would be glad if someone could offer me a more in depth understanding of it.

I hearthly thank you for your time

The Arduino ADC is slow, you can only measure one channel at a time, and the microprocessor is not powerful enough to do advanced DSP.

If you want to measure and analyze audio accurately, use Audio ADCs and a computer.

An Arduino is a microcontroller: it was designed for controlling things (LEDs, motors, reading switches and sensors ...) not for DSP.
Of course, you can use the general purpose microprocessor to do some calculations (simple digital filters, convolutions, limited FHT and FFT), but it's too slow for advanced real-time signal processing.


Thanks a lot for your time and your answer.

I will try to dig in the way you supposed me.

Thanks again!