Tricopter Project

Im working on a school project - tricopter.
I'm still planning what products should I buy, so far I have:

From hobbyking:



Electronic Speed Controller:






Thats all I have until now, I'm just looking for some help to know if everything is compatible so I can carry on with the project.


Is Arduino Pro Mini compatible with all of my components ?
Will my gyro work?
How can I connect my Rx/Tx to the Arduino?

I would be grateful :slight_smile:

Uno will be a bit big for your tri copter. You can consider using Arduino Pro Mini, you will need FTDI compatible programmer for it. How you want to control it? Do you have RC transmitter?

Okay thank you , I'll consider that. Is Arduino Pro Mini compatible with all of my other products? I want to control it with a Rc Transmitter:

But I'm not sure if it is compatible with arduino yet and how to do the connections.

Surely two blades will rotate the same way and the third will rotate the opposite way, but those two blades will over power the third and cause the tricopter to spin. So with three blades, how are you going to counteract the spin?

I guess ducting them might help.

Hey, to counteract the spin I will use the servo:

Servo will be attached to the third motor and controlled by the microcontroller. :wink:

So with three blades, how are you going to counteract the spin?

You cheat -- you tilt the tail rotor from horizontal. :slight_smile:

Let me know how that works out.

Let me know how that works out.

It's already been done many, many times -- this isn't untrod soil. The amount of tilt does need to be dynamically adjusted in proportion to the torque applied by the rotors, but this can be done with an AHRS + PID.

A tricopter is actually superior to a quadcopter in terms of yaw agility.

I know its been done before, my friend made a tricopter for his seminar project, and he did just that. Its good as a temporary fix, but it is also very inefficient. You can get almost twice the thrust, if not more if you duct the fans.

I myself have thought about making one for a very long time. I have everything is planned out in detail, but I just don't have the money to make exactly what I want.

The best I can do now is buy a few minicopters, take them apart and make one from them.

Im buying my material in November I think I have everything I need.
I just need to know how long the battery will stand. And if it will really fly.

I see you have a gyro on your BOM, don’t you also want an accelerometer?

Idk if my Gyro has an accelerometer :\

I only see one SMT chip on that module. Pretty sure it doesn't. The only chips I know of that incorporate multiple types of sensors in the same package are the MPU6050/MPU9150.