tried everything, can't get SD card to read with Arduino Ethernet/SD shield

I have a W5100 based Arduino Ethernet shield. Trying to get the SD card reader to work. Tried a 2GB SD card that works with another reader (that's part of a 1.8" screen, disconnected it) and an 8GB SDHC card, both formatted with FAT32.

Arduino 2560 board, Arduino 1.0, tried both the SD library and the SDfatlib for Arduino 1.0. Changed the Pin setting in the code to 4, set Pin 53 as output and HIGH. Still error reading card every time. I'm out of ideas.

errorCode: 0x1, errorData: 0x0.

Have you tried disabling the w5100 SPI interface? It is enabled after the return from Ethernet begin().


You should be able to access both from now on.

And you may need to change format to fat16. I have not tried a fat32 format yet.

Turns out the Pololu motor shield I had was using Pin 4 and 10, when I cut the trace to both and moved them to pins 1 and 2 the SD started working. BTW, 8GB SDHC FAT32 appears to be working.