Trigger Arduino from outside source

Hello helpful souls. I have searched and learned and have some programs finished, trying to utilize existing devices around the shop. But need to know opinion from others with more knowledge before I keep pressing on and make sure not wasting my time please. Can the Arduino monitor 3 inputs and when gets a "momentary" trigger to an input run program associated with that input, yes without that input continuing to get a signal? (Would only ever get one independent trigger at a time)

Using the Ardiono world tools the proper way I say: "Yes". What are Your demands of the frequency of the "3 input monitoring" as well as the heaviness of the work carried out because of an input triggered?

Hi Railroader, thank you for your reply, sorry I didn't see it sooner, cannot figure how to get this forum to notify me when something here... I have found switch states that has done what I was looking for!

Also look into pin change interrupts as well as interrupts in general

Will do, thank you loberd

see also DEBOUNCE. debounce is how you arrange to get one trigger from one button push

Hi Geek Emeritus, yes I did find out the UNO reads those inputs much faster than I thought! Thanks