Trigger Serial Monitor windows from another Arduino


I have a master-slave system composed of two Arduino Mega boards. They are connected using the i2C link. Both boards are connected to a PC through USB. The system is controlled by the master through pushbuttons and an LCD display. While running the system, I collect data using the software PLX-DAQ (COM3). However, the system only works if I open also the Serial Monitor from the slave (COM4). I want to simply the test procedure where the user just need to click Connect at the PLX-DAQ option and the system triggers the serial monitor (COM4) of the slave and run all the test. I mean, I want the master (COM3) to trigger the Serial monitor of the slave (COM4) automatically. The user just needs to: 1) open PLX-DAQ software 2) Click "Connect" (by default is COM3 - Master) 3) Run the system.


Doesn't that point you to the slave software waiting forever for the serial monitor to be opened?