Trigger VS1053 from (via) another Nano

Hi, Hope to find a solution as I’m I’m running into conflicts with my current setup of a nano running an Adafruit VS1053 MP3/AAC/Ogg/MIDI/WAV board and a nRF24l01 (SPI Issues) on the same board and thinking that it might be easier for me to separate the units (I also plan to trigger a series of relays from the Nano w/ the nRF which is acting as an RX taking data in from 3 other Tx’s )- Worried as the nano is 5v and the VS1053 is 3.3v -There are 7 GPIO 3.3v pins available from the VS1053

How can I trigger the 7 pins safely from the VS1053 audio from the 2nd Nano - Thoughts are to use either a Digital / Analogue pin(s) if so how would I connect the 2 safely and does anyone have any example code to help me out also how would i wire from Nano Rx to Nano-VS1053?

Alternatively is there a way of running and wiring the VS1053 and Nrf2401 on the same board? whilst sharing the MSIO, MISO, SCLK? I’m Using the NF24 library.