Triggerable Video Player- Where to start?

Hello Everyone!

So, this is an idea that I've been turning over in my head for a long time, and I finally started ordering some parts for it- A fingerprint sensor, that when a registered print is placed on the scanner, it will play a video file associated with that fingerprint, so that you could have personalized video messages for different people that could only be accessed by that person.

I have everything here or on the way except the screen- mostly because I'm not sure what to do as far as the screen goes. What type of screen should I use, as well as if I'll need speakers, and how I would go about making it so that it would play the video file- Would I need to use a special and more powerful board besides the Arduino Nano to play the video and what should I use to store the video files?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you need your laptop with the Processing langauge on it. Have the Arduino send it a message over serial and trigger the appropriate video file.

I might not have worded that right- I would like the full project to be standalone, so that there is no need to connect to any laptop or computer after uploading the code.

Oh then forget it.

^ LMAO...

The problems (which are many here) are that:

1.) You dont have anything with enough power to do video playback. (buffer,memory..etc) The Arduino just wont cut it.

2.) Where are these videos to be house/located even?

Maybe look into using a Raspberry Pi3 or something?